Artist Bio

Alaura Gonzalez is a fashion and costume designer from upstate New York. Gonzalez has received a BFA from Maine College of Art in May of 2020. She is currently working on personal projects to help the community of cosplayers, costumers, and people who are considered "plus size". 


Artist Statement

              My goal is to make garments that can help women who struggle with their own body type and body shaming within their costume community. I want to make costumes that have more conventional clothing sizes and comfortable fabrics for those long convention or event hours. By giving plus size women an alternative to manufactured costumes they will feel more confident, comfortable and powerful when they cosplay. 

              Cosplay allows people to transform themselves into a beloved characters. I choose mythical creatures because of the power they hold. Mythical stories have stayed with us for centuries and have instilled fear and power through the act of storytelling. I think a powerful legend has the energy to inspire and help people embody that persona. Mythology offers powerful legends that continue to inspire, embolden, and in this work, the ability to embody. By using mythical creatures I understand the level of culture tied to each myth. I will not be focusing on the culture but on the transformation of the human body into a powerful mythological creature. Part of my research will go into the origins and cultures behind each mythological creature to ensure the details of each look will correct and accurate but it will not be my man focus. 

                   Cosplayers want their costumes to be fantastical, as well as extremely detailed. By using extreme textures such as feathers and fur I achieve those details in my garments and please dedicated cosplayers. My work involves armatures and faux appendages that give the appearance of an extra limb or body part on the human body. These “limbs” have a built armature with a covering to help enable the wearer to become a completely different person or creature.

              The idea of transformation and body image is important because it affects how we see ourselves mentally. I want to give women who struggle with their body image a chance at confidence and happiness by transforming them into creatures who embody those ideal traits.


Curriculum Vitae

Alaura Gonzalez

Fashion Designer



  • 2016-2020         BFA at Maine College of Art 


  • 2019 Attended student collaboration conference as a representative of                                   Meca at Haystack Mountain School of Craft.

    • Collaboration with Machine Dazzle during residency at MECA

    • Internship with Joleen Moody

      • Indie Filming for a proof of concept movie

  • Taught Textile Screen Printing for five consecutive summers at Camp Ballibay


  • Pattern Drafting

    • Knowledge to drape, draft, and design garment patterns

  • Costuming

    • Knowledge to adjust, design, create props and accessories 

  • Seamstress

    • Knowledge of sewing, technical sewing, and sewing machines

  • Designing

    • Knowledge of designs, contrasts, balance, and shapes against the body

  • Printing 

    • Extensive knowledge of textile printing

      • Hand printing

      • Digital printing

      • Block printing

  • Textile knowledge

    • Knowledge of textiles and fibers

      • Knowledge of identifying fibers and textiles 

      • Knowledge of textile materials and construction.

Honors and awards:

  • Scholarship for MECA representative for Haystack student conference

  • Conserve the Call, Gallery showing at Portland Public Library , Portland ME


  • Published photos and quote in Portland Press Herald during Machine Dazzle Residency at Meca.